Teen Bible Study week 6: How did the Thessalonians show Jesus to their city? 

We might not live at a crossroads in a massive empire like the Thessalonians did, but we are still the people who show Jesus in our schools and communities. We are also a people who like the Thessalonians hear a message and know that it is a different message than what the world is telling us. So, what can we learn from people who lived through this?

What you will need

  1. Bible
  2. Pen and Paper
  3. A willing person to discuss with

Read 1 Thessalonians 2:1-16

  1. When Paul was bringing the Gospel, how does he describe his relationship with them? (verses, 7 – 9)
  2. Who is Paul trying to please? (verses 3 – 5)
  3. Why is Paul thankful? (Verse 13)
We can learn a lot from the interaction between Paul and the Thessalonians.

Paul describes himself a lot of different ways when he talks about his time with the Thessalonians, both as carer and dependant. An amazing description is in verses 11- 12.

Read 2:11-12

Here Paul talks about a fatherly role, of encouragement, caring and urging. Paul didn’t just walk into the city, say who Jesus was and expect people to be ok with that and to follow just the words. Paul cared for them and helped them, and because of that he now has a love and appreciation for who the Thessalonians are and what they have done.

What ways have you seen people spread the Gospel? Do you like how they did it? What way would you think would work well for people your age?

The Thessalonians

The Thessalonians are described in similar ways to Paul, as both carers and dependants, but Paul is most proud of what they have done since he has left.

Read 2:13 – 14

They heard about Jesus and started to imitate Paul and help those in their city, they even suffered for this.

Do you think people find it easy to accept the Gospel as more than human words? Why?

We might be in a place where we aren’t seeing those in our community face to face, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show an example. I encourage you to think about how you can show Jesus, but also how you can better accept the message.

Take some time to pray. Do in the way you like best. Just remember to start with Dear God and end with Amen